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You Are Listening To Radio Soulwax

Everything Scars The Skin

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Other Mikaylas across the world

Who is Hannah Montana? She knows a Mikayla anyway.
'Don't let anything stand in your way. Mikayla will do anything to get what she wants (fans and admirers) so make sure you will too. Do not stop in your tracks for anything, I don't care how bad it is, don't let it come between you and the prize (as said before, fans and admirers.)'

Even the Jesus people get in on my name.
"I then began to tell Mikayla that she needed to stand up against the enemy in her dream and tell him to back off in the name of Jesus Christ"

Some crappy story which I skim read and it didn't even have sex in it
"After a nap on the couch, Tim woke up to find Mikayla smoothing back his hair. "Have a nice nap?" She asked softly."

Some person has far too much time on their hands
"Hi my name is Mikayla and I am doing a project on yo-yos in school"

My own personal favourite
"Mikayla doesn't cyber but enjoys good friendships"

Hammer Horror time

'The zombie clerk was coming after Mikayla's car way too fast. Mikayla knew that if she tried to back up and run over, the zombie could get inside'

And a load of porn.
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